We tutor any age from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Please reach out if you have a need outside of these areas and we will see if we can accommodate you! Our tutors specialize in different areas so we provide sessions in math, science, writing, history, Bible, English, and Spanish. 

2. Can the tutors help with my child's homework assignments?

Yes! Our tutors provide help in many ways which benefit your child's learning, such as homework help, test prep, or concept-driven activities. 

3. How much does it cost?

We work hard to make our tutoring as affordable as possible. Our sessions cost $30 -$40 per hour depending on the type of session you choose and there is a 3% card processing fee. If you would like to avoid paying the processing fee, we can set up ACH payments as autopay. 

4. Can you work with my child's school curriculum? 

We recommend collaborating tutoring and school learning to optimize your child's understanding of the concepts he is already learning. We also have resources that we can supplement with if your child's homework assignments don't fill the entire session time.

5. Will online tutoring be as effective as in person?

For the majority of students, yes! Google Meets has features that allow the student and teacher to be face-to-face through video, interact through whiteboard tools, and talk in real time. We have families send photos of homework sheets to the tutor through email and they are able to pull them up on the screen so they can work together on the assignment. If you choose to do remediation or full-time homeschooling, we can tailor the lessons to fit the students needs.

6. Will it be a hassle to learn to use Google Meets?

The tutor will send a reocurring link and all you have to do is click on the link! Everything else will be taken care of by the tutor. We ask that a parent is present for the beginning of the first session but then the child can work independently with their tutor.

7. Do parents need to be present for the sessions? 

We ask that parents are present for the first 15 minutes of the first session but then the child can work independently. We encourage parents to confirm the student is logged in at the beginning of each session, and then students will be able to work independently with the tutor.

8. Do you offer school partnerships or do you just work directly with the parents? 

We are happy to discuss a partnership with your school to provide tutoring sessions to students as a group package. We personalize the package based on what your school is looking for so sign up for a consultation if you would like to discuss a partnership with Family Focused Tutors. 

9. Do you offer shorter sessions?

The majority of our students benefit from using one-hour long sessions. We do offer 30-minute sessions to young elementary students that struggle with an hour-long session but that is discussed during your consultation and evaluated to with the tutor.

10. How do you incorporate Christian faith into your sessions?

Our educators take the time to pray for their students before sessions and make an effort to build a personal relationship with each student. We prioritize teaching through a Christian worldview whether the student uses a Christian or secular curriculum. We also value helping the student grow spiritually, socially, mentally, and academically so we look at helping the students grow in multiple areas of their lives.

11. Do you screen your tutors?

Each of our tutors goes through a thorough background check before they work with any students. We value finding high-quality educators who value living out their Christian values so we take the time to get to know prospective tutors during the interview process. 

12. Is there a trial period?

We offer a trial period for two weeks if families would like to put in their two weeks when they start sessions. The time slot will not be guaranteed that it will be saved for you after the two weeks but you can try the sessions if you are unsure if it is the right fit for your child. We are also happy to pair you with a different tutor if you feel that the one you are paired with is not a good fit. 

13. What is your cancellation policy?

We require families to provide 48-hour notice if they need to cancel a session. This protects our tutor's time and it allows them to fill that time slot with another student if the need arises.  If an emergency happens, we allow families to reschedule the session with the tutor and our tutors are very understanding when this occurs.

14. Do you have any scholarships?

We are currently partnered with a few ESA programs that provide funds through the state. We are currently enrolled in Arizona, Iowa, New Hampshire, Indiana, Missouri, and North Carolina. If you would like to look into these scholarship options, click here

We also provide needs-based discounts for families on the mission field, serving in ministry, low-income families, and single parents who struggle financially. Please share your need and we can discuss a discounted rate for your family during your consultation.

14. What areas do you service?

We work with families around the United States currently and would love to work with individuals outside of the US if a family looking for support. We currently have families that use our tutors in Chicago, San Diego, Nashville, Boston, Charlotte, Lynchburg, Aliso Viejo, Bloomington, Miami Shores, Milton, Prospect Heights, Dunbarton, Baltimore, Severna Park, Aylett, Pensacola, Morgan Hill, Houston, Billings, Riverside, Retreat, Belmont, Nampa, Knoxville, Parker, Verona, Compton Hills, Prundale, Pawtucket, Madison, Ellijay, Oxford, Genoa City. We look forward to expanding the cities that we service as we provide high-quality tutoring to students!

We have tutors in Wisconsin, Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Florida, Colorado, and Georgia! Our tutors are trained on teaching online so they are happy to work with students in any state!  

Have more questions? Schedule a consultation or email us at familyfocusedtutors@gmail.com