Sessions and Prices

Choose the session that best fits your child's needs! 

We can always switch to a different type of session if you find that the one you started with isn't the best fit.

Homework Help

$30 per hour

1-3 hours per week

Full-time homeschooling

$35 per hour

4-8 hours per week


$40 per hour

2-4 hours per week

Specialized Programs: 

We have tutors specializing in topics such as ESL, Spanish, Coding, ACT/SAT prep, and Dyslexia remediation (Orton Gillingham method). 

Benefits of utilizing each type of session:

Homework Help

The child is able to complete their homework assignment during their session and we can reteach content that the child didn't master. We help build confidence in the child as they learn to master challenging concepts and they have an encouraging teaching motivating them with positive verbal reinforcement. Many families see a higher level of work being submitted and test scores improving.

Full-time homeschooling

Homeschool families can focus on the subjects that they enjoy teaching while our educators partner with you by taking over subjects that the parents are not comfortable teaching. We see relationships restored and a new love for learning subjects that were a daily fight. Our tutors can help students increase their love for learning and help them get caught up in subjects that they are struggling with. We value aligning with each family's goals so we work with you to choose a curriculum that fits your values.


Students come to us when they haven't learned mastered certain topics such as learning how to read or doing basic multiplication. Our standardized assessments allow us to pinpoint specific gaps in their learning and develop lesson plans that will support their learning. We also like to align with what they are learning in school so we can make sure they are mastering the concepts they are learning for their tests. Our students build a relationship with their tutor and are guided through topics that they struggle with. We have seen an increase in their motivation to learn through these sessions!

Different materials that are used for each session:

Homework Help

Families send their tutor photos of their worksheets and they can guide them through completing the work. If they have extra time, the tutor will pull from our online resources to work on skills that they have not completely mastered. 

Full-time homeschooling

Families can choose a curriculum of their choice or we can set up a meeting to discuss curriculum options. If the child does better with physical copies, the family can mail the tutor the teacher guide. If the student enjoys online programs, we can help them select a program that works well for them! We can either help you find a curriculum for one subject or multiple subjects.


Each student receiving remediation sessions will do an initial assessment in Math, Language Arts, or both. The assessment can be done at home before starting sessions or the tutor can use the first session to complete the assessment with the child. Each tutor is experienced in the subject they are teaching so they will develop a tailored plan on standards to focus on with the child during each session.

Homeschool curriculum options:

Enlighteum Academy - Enlighteum allows you to choose one or multiple subjects. This program is entirely online and the content is taught through a Christian worldview.

Monarch - Monarch is a self-paced online curriculum with various subjects available. Students can work with a tutor fully online. 

Abeka - Abeka is a conservative Christian curriculum that allows you to purchase curriculum individually so this is a great one to use if your child does better with physical materials.

Bob Jones - Bob Jones is a well-known curriculum that supports learning with physical materials. They incorporate scripture in their curriculum, making it easy to follow their scope and sequence.

There are so many other options as well so we would be happy to meet with you to find the best fit!