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Do you need a curriculum for homeschooling?

Our tutors have years of experience using different curriculums so we have compiled a list of the best curriculum options with a breakdown of the cost. Check out our homeschooling page to get a complete list of our top homeschooling curriculums! 

Why hire a tutor?

Are you pulling your hair out trying to get your child to do their homework? Many families can benefit from even just one hour of tutoring a week! Our trained educators will work to make the homework time engaging as we focus on building a relationship with your child.

Read about the benefits of tutoring here:

Homeschool Families!

We love supporting homeschool families! Some of you might be transitioning from a public or private school and it will be quite an adjustment. We are here to support you! We can assist you in lesson planning, report cards, and academic guidance.

Check out this article about transitioning to homeschooling:

Learning Styles

Not every child learns the same way. We have students who are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. We value learning what works best for your child and supporting them in their education. We adapt to our student's needs as we work with them one-on-one. 

If you do not know your child's learning style, take a look at this article from Focus on the Family:

Does your child need a counselor?

We have partnered with a ministry called Living Waters Counseling. They provide free counseling services to families in need. If your child is struggling emotionally and needs to meet with a Christian counselor, we recommend reaching out to this organization! They also have a four-year Biblically-based college degree program and certificate programs if your child is interested in studying Christian counseling. 

Read about their counseling services here: 

Read about their college degree options here:

Looking for a life coach?

Lynn Knapke is a dedicated faith-based Life Coach, specializing in personal and relationship well-being, compassionate goal-setting, and whole-person support. With expertise in areas like anxiety, sorrowfulness, increased anger, emotional coping, mindset, family life, children of divorce, strengths development, and learning struggles, Lynn tailors her sessions to meet your unique needs. Lynn's approach is rooted in collaboration, resilience-strengthening, and trauma-informed coaching. Clients describe Lynn as positive, caring, and confidence-boosting. Lynn's inspiration for this behavioral health profession is helping individuals lead contented lives through life-changing support. Start your transformational journey with Lynn Knapke today.

Read about her sessions here:

Faith-based life coaching

Is your teen struggling to decide the next steps?

It can be hard for students to decide what the best fit is for their future. Connect with Jay to learn more about individual plans and group sessions to help your child look at their interests and skills to decide what career would be the best fit. Many teens choose a degree that is not right for them so this allows them to get a step ahead and save wasting thousands on a degree they won't use or transferring degrees multiple times.

Read about their programs here:

Individual Coaching 

Group program