School Partnership

Are you a principal of a Christian school? We have seen great benefits from schools partnering with our company! They have been able to see incredible growth for their students academically and it allows them to have a better year in the classroom and at home with a bit of academic support. We have also been able to support high school athletes keep their grades up through our homework sessions after school or during study hall periods as well. 

There are a variety of ways that you can provide your parents with helpful information about online tutoring services that are available to them! Check out the list below...

Intro session

Pay for the 1st session then the parents pay for the rest! Your school can decide how many sessions that would like to purchase and the hours are slowly deducted from their school account as new families sign up.


Add our information to a school wide newsletter! This allows families to decide if this is a good fit for their child. Families can choose between homework help or remediation sessions.


Add info about our sessions on your website! Families have shared that they are thankful they were able to learn about our services from their school.


Provide information to your teachers each year to share with parents with struggling students! This is a helpful tool for them to provide families during parent-teacher conferences and around report card times.

In school sessions

Christian schools utilize our sessions to provide personalized instruction when a child is falling behind. We have tutors during school hours that can provide support in teaching a class full time or remedation a couple days per week. The school can open a school account and pay for the sessions on a monthly basis for the child.

After school sessions

Schools have found it very beneficial to share about highly qualified Christian tutors! We align with your values and run a background check on each of our tutors. Schools can share out information with parents when they are looking for an experienced tutor to help with homework or remediation in a specific subject.

If you would like more information about school partnerships, sign up for a meeting with the founder of Family Focused Tutors and she would be happy to talk through what would work best for your school! 

Homeschool groups have also benefitted from sharing our services with members of their group! There are sometimes areas that moms do not feel as comfortable teaching or it is a battle at home so we are happy to take that subject off their plate. Check out our homeschool page for more information about our available homeschool options!