About Us

Family Focused Tutors' founder, Hannah Thomas, grew up in a large family that put a high priority on providing a quality education for each of their children. Her dream is to help other families access the personalized instruction that their children need. Hannah created Family Focused Tutors because of families' evident need for educational support during the pandemic. Families around the world have struggled to educate their children during this unstable time, so Family Focused Tutors has stepped in to provide some of the needed support. We have found that many other tutoring companies only provide pricey, one-on-one tutoring for wealthy families, but we want to be able to partner with every family in need. To fill this need, we focus on keeping our costs as low as possible. We hope to make a difference in your child's learning experience, as well as provide compassionate support through life's uncertainties of education. Hannah also taught in Uganda, which has led her to donate a portion of each session to educating children overseas.