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-Costs from $30-$40 per hour

-A positive relationship

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Help your child get the support they need to succeed! 


Types of Online Tutoring Sessions

Homework Help

Students that are struggling with understanding or completing their homework assignments can work with a tutor to improve in that subject area. Parents will send us photos of student's assignments, and we will guide them through learning each topic. These students will typically meet with a tutor for 1-2 hours a week. These sessions are $30 per hour.

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Homeschooled students can work with a private tutor as their full-time teacher. We will help you choose a curriculum that fits your family's needs. We provide curriculum mapping, lesson plans, grading, and student-focused sessions. These students typically meet for 4-10 hours a week depending on how many subjects you would like us to teach. These sessions are $35 per hour so our tutors have prep time and can grade assignments.

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Students that are struggling in specific subjects such as math or English can benefit from working one-on-one with a tutor. Each student completes a math or language arts assessment so we can pinpoint gaps in their learning. We provide tailored lessons and engaging activities to get students up to grade level or help them stay on track during the summer. These students typically meet for 2-3 hours a week. These sessions are $40 per hour to provide your tutor with prep time and a thorough assessment.

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Parent Reviews

Homework Help

"Tutoring with Nicole is going well. Elisabeth loves her and always comes away from each session more confident about Algebra 1. Elisabeth will send Nicole the material they are working on in class ahead of time and Nicole is ready to help Elisabeth connect the dots on the things she does not understand in class. Nicole's support is helping Elisabeth have the foundation she needs to be successful in math. She got an A on her report card and Elisabeth knows it has all to do with the great instruction she has received through Nicole. We are thankful for Family Focused Tutors!" 

-Saller Family

"My son had an English tutor in 12th grade and my daughter had a math tutor in 9th grade.  I can’t say enough good things about this company. The tutors love Jesus and love kids. We will definitely use them again next year. They are so flexible with meeting times and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the kids succeed."

-Miller Family

Full-time Homeschooling

"We have used Family Focused Tutors for about 5 months. Our tutor has been helping my 10 year old with all things English (grammar, spelling, poetry, and reading). My son actually told me today that poetry with Miss Audrey is fun! I never thought I would hear those words. Our tutor is so patient and great with my son. Family Focused Tutors is very affordable. I have always had great response times with our tutor and the CEO of the company. I would HIGHLY recommend Family Focused Tutors to anyone who is looking for an outsourced homeschool option or just supplemental assistance for your child's education!" 

-Dickson Family

"I am so impressed with everyone at Family Focused Tutors!  Hannah is so easy to work with and has been so helpful and patient.  Audrey is fantastic at helping my son with all things Language Arts and making Science fun!  Nicole is absolutely wonderful at engaging the kids in Algebra II and they are learning so much!  I'm so thankful for Family Focused Tutors as they are really helping our family get through a difficult season of homeschooling!"

-Reynolds Family


"I have used the services of Family Focused Tutors for about 7-8 months and will continue to use the services over the summer so my child can stay at the level he needs to be when next year starts. I’ve been pleased with the entire experience. I always receive timely responses to my inquiries, they’re flexible, and these services have helped my 12 year old son tremendously. It’s clear they care deeply for my son and his academics. Additionally, they’re affordable! You can’t ask for more. I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed." 

-Schuetrum Family

"We love Family Focused tutors. We've been paired with the same tutor every week which really helps my son build a relationship and get comfortable. Our tutor is extremely patient and knowledgeable which really makes it a pleasant experience!"

- Herrick Family

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Tutoring Subjects Available

You might be asking, how do I find an online tutor near me? We provide online tutoring for K-12 students in all academic subjects at hour-long intervals. Our trained tutors are specialized in different subjects and age groups. We ask that you set up a consultation so we can pair you with the best tutor for your family.



Work with a tutor regularly to build understanding and speed in math concepts. We have elementary tutors that can support in basic multiplication and division along with high level math tutors that will support in subjects such as Algebra and Geometry.


Make grammar simple, work on phonics or reading comprehension, or build an appreciation for literature with our expert English tutors.


Elementary to college level writing support. Practice the rules of creative writing before you can break them, or start with basic writing strategies. 


Strengthen knowledge of scientific concepts through homework review, strongexamples, and explanations. We also provide support in high level science classes.


Learn from the past through historical figures and events with review and memory-building homework help.


Study useful vocabulary and grammar, and practice speaking, writing, and reading Spanish. Our Spanish tutors will evaluate how much your child knows and help them improve their Spanish skills!


Students will learn study skills, complete practice problems, and learn standardized test skills. We can work with them to develop confidence in their test strategies and improve in their understanding of difficult subjects.


Students will learn how to do basic coding with their tutor. We provide homework help for coding homework as well.


Learn how to master English through reading, writing, and interactive activities. Whether you are a new English speaker or just need a bit of help, we can support you where you are at right now.


Giving Back

Family Focused Tutors wants to help your child thrive along with children overseas who are not able to afford education. While teaching in Uganda, our founder noticed a need for quality education. To help meet this need, we will be donating $1 for each session booked which will go towards providing education for children overseas through an organization called Equip Ministries Uganda. We have been able to provide education for 20 children so far and we are looking forward to adding more as we support new students.

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Mission: Our mission is to help students excel academically through a Christ-centered relationship.

Vision: Our vision is to provide affordable options for families to get high-quality academic support through personalized lessons.

Purpose: We believe every student has the ability to succeed so we personalize our sessions to fit each child's needs.

Next Steps


Cancellation Policy: We are here to support families as long as you need us so we do not require families to sign a year-long contract. If you find that we are not a good fit for your child, you are welcome to cancel sessions with a two-week notice. If you need to cancel a scheduled session, we ask for a 48-hour notice so your tutor can schedule a different student during your time slot. 

We are a Christian-owned tutoring company and we would love to help your child grow through tutoring! 

Scholarship options: If you are looking for financial support for tutoring services, we encourage you to check to see if your state offers ESA funds! We are enrolled in multiple states and would be happy to become a vendor in your state if we are not already enrolled in your state ESA program. 

Check this website to see if your state provides ESA funding for tutoring.