Homeschooling Plans

Part-time Homeschooling

$40 per hour

2-6 hours per week

Full-time Homeschooling

$40 per hour

8-10 hours per week

Homeschool consultations available

We are always hearing of homeschool parents who don't know where to start with choosing a homeschooling route and curriculum so we have decided to offer a consultation that will help you identify your goals for homeschooling, pick a curriculum, and dive into the questions you have about homeschooling. It can be hard to know exactly where your child is at when you pull them from a public or private school so we also have the option to provide you with a comprehensive assessment to identify any gaps in their understanding and to know what grade level to purchase for each subject.

Schedule a 60-minute meeting with a member of our leadership team to work through how to get started with your homeschooling journey!

Homeschool Consultation

This is a 60-minute meeting with one member of our leadership team at Family Focused Tutors. Members of our leadership team have a degree in education and have supported homeschooling families over the last few years.

Price: $40

What is included?

We will cover the content below and provide you with specific recommendations on which curriculums best fit your needs, discuss your current situation so we can help you feel prepared to take the next steps in homeschooling your child, and a follow-up document with additional resources as you start your homeschool journey.

What will be covered in the meeting?

-Overview of child’s education 

-Learning Styles and homeschool approaches

-Curriculum recommendations (Online or paper/pencil)

-Assessment options

-FFT support available

-Answer questions and additional resources

Homeschool Consultation + Assessment

The assessment is an online assessment that the family can do at home at their own pace. You will have two weeks to complete the assessment. 

Price: $65

What is included?

-Complete package for homeschool consultation

-Math and reading assessment for K-12 students for up to 2 children in your family. (Additional assessment can be purchased for another $25 for your remaining children.)

-Report will be provided with what grade level the child is working at in each category and recommendations for skills to work on in each category:

Math categories covered: 

Numbers & Operations, Algebra & Algebraic Thinking, Fractions, Geometry, Measurements, Data, Statistics, & Probability

Language Arts categories covered:

 Reading Strategies, Vocabulary, Writing Strategies, and Grammar & Mechanics

If you aren't sure if you should add the assessment, here is a video that explains what the report will show and what the data means. Some of our homeschool families use this instead of doing standardized assessments with the public schools. 

Benefits of scheduling a homeschooling consultation:

Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations

Hello teachers and parents! This resource should help you to narrow down which curriculum and materials are best for your students and family. Before you get started, here are some questions you may want to consider:

At the top, you’ll find Christian curriculums both online and with physical books. Then, some secular curriculums with online and physical options as well. At the end, you’ll find curriculums with a focus on one specific subject. These prices were pulled in January of 2024 but they might change so we suggest looking at the curriculum website directly for final prices. This is just to give you an idea of some free and affordable curriculum options. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out as you are making the decision. We would be happy to help!

Christian Curriculums

Online only

Physical books

Secular Curriculums

Online only

Physical books

Individual Subject Curriculums: