Hannah Thomas

Hannah is the founder of Family Focused Tutors. She double majored at Emmaus Bible College receiving her B. S. in Elementary Education and in Bible Theology. She has also completed her Master's in Educational Leadership from Pensacola Christian College. She is a state-certified teacher and has a K-8 reading endorsement. She has worked with students in a classroom setting, in person, and online. She also has experience teaching students with special needs such as dyslexia, ADD and autism. Hannah is passionate about helping children love the process of learning and pushing them to their full potential. She is a very patient teacher who works to have students actively involved during her tutoring sessions. She looks forward to working with and getting to know your family.


Audrey Biggs

Audrey graduated from Pensacola Christian College with her B. A. in English and is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Liberty University. She has worked in childcare for 3 years, teaching children from toddler age to elementary age. She can teach English on any level, as well as beginning levels of Spanish. Audrey will adjust the learning trajectory based on your child's needs. Because she believes that children have an innate love of learning, she will strive to bring out your child's natural intelligence and passion for education. She would love to help your child grow through student tailored tutoring.


Joshua Waters

Joshua Waters graduated from Hyles-Anderson College with a bachelor's degree in secondary education and began teaching at Great Hope Baptist School in the fall of 2013. He taught high school English and math for six years before going back to college in 2019. He recently graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a master's degree in Educational Leadership. He is currently teaching junior high English and high school math at Landmark Christian School. He has been working with children in many capacities since he was a teenager at his local church. He loves teaching and looks forward to meeting new people all the time. Joshua will work with you and your children to make an impact in their education while being supportive and encouraging in order to boost confidence in academics. 

Nicole Rojas

Nicole graduated from Hyles-Anderson College with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education. She has taught high school math for seven years. Nicole enjoys working with students and helping them master even the most complex math concepts. She looks forward to helping your student succeed. 

Elisabeth J.

Elisabeth graduated in 2019 with a triple major in computer science, math, and statistics. She worked in children's ministry for several years on the mission field, which included summer programs for underprivileged children. She also worked with children with developmental, physical, behavioral, and emotional needs. Elisabeth enjoys helping to homeschool her younger siblings, writing and crafting. Additionally, she recently wrote an ebook on stewarding the single years well. Her desire to minister to missionary families and MKs led her to begin pursuing her master's degree in Biblical counseling at Faith Bible Seminary in 2022. 

Juliana Whitehurst

Juliana graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 2022 with her bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a focus on math and music. Following her graduation, she began teaching math on the secondary level at West Gate Christian School in Tampa, Florida. There, she is involved in the athletic department as the assistant girls volleyball coach. As well as teaching at the school, she is also involved in the music department of the church. Juliana has a passion to help the next generation understand the important concepts of mathematics and algebra. She looks forward to helping your student understand the concepts of math.

Cathryn Rogers

Cathryn is a junior at Cedarville University studying Elementary Education. Cathryn has nannied for several years, worked as a daycare teacher, and is currently doing her elementary field experience for her undergraduate program. Through volunteering as a teacher’s aide in both preschool and elementary school, she has gained experience with all elementary grades. Through education, Cathryn loves the opportunity to share her faith and reflect the love of Christ. She loves tutoring because it is a pathway to build positive relationships with students and their families, and because it helps students overcome challenging learning tasks. 


Sandy Foster

Sandy Foster graduated from Northwest Bible College in Minot, ND with a BA in Christian Education.  After graduating, she spent a year in Liberia, West Africa teaching in a Bible school for pastors and doing children’s ministry on weekends. She taught school at Walworth Christian School for 10 years. Math and English were the majority of her classes, but taught Bible, history and science at times. She worked with 2nd through 12th, but most of the teaching was in the upper grades. During high school working with 2-5 year old's was her favorite. Being able to work with and help people of all ages brings her joy. 

Ann Jackson

Ann attended Samford University and Florida Atlantic University, earning a B. S. in Elementary Education, along with holding a Master’s degree in Elementary Reading and Literacy. She is certified in Georgia and currently teaches 1 st and 2 nd grade students who are struggling with Math and Reading concepts. Ann has had 25 years of experience teaching students of various grade levels, including students with learning disabilities. She has also had several years of tutoring experience, including online and in-person settings. Ann loves to see children experience those “aha” moments when all their hard work pays off and they grasp the concepts they have been working on. She looks forward to working with your student and helping them succeed at learning!

Robin Stratmann

Robin is a retired naval officer. He earned his Bachelor of Science in history in 1999 and his Master of Arts in history in 2022, both at Northern Arizona University. He holds certifications to teach 6-12 history and social studies in Arizona. Robin has been homeschooling his fourteen-year-old daughter since she was in fourth grade. He enjoys helping students to understand not only what they are supposed to learn, but why they are learning it and how it connects to other areas of learning. Robin is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity degree at Southern Evangelical Seminary.

McKenzie Borst

McKenzie Borst is a highly qualified, licensed teacher residing in Indiana. She enjoys baking and taking walks with her family. After graduating from Taylor University with her Bachelor's degree in Education and minor in Psychology, McKenzie taught elementary school for 5 years. She has experience working with IEP's and 504's, and has worked with student's both in person and online. McKenzie is trained in Phonics First (an Orton-Gillingham curriculum). She is passionate about encouraging young readers and writers by focusing on a better understanding of their phonics skills. McKenzie also enjoys motivating students in math through hands-on, practical learning strategies. She is excited to work with your child and help them to enjoy their academics through engaging activities.

Ashleigh Jordan

Ashleigh is a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College where she got her bachelor’s degree in secondary education, majoring in math. Shortly after graduation, she accepted a teaching position at Badger State Baptist School where she teaches 7th - 10th grade math. She enjoys working and helping students master hard concepts and would love to work with your student!

Katie Schneider

Katie majored in Elementary Education! She has been teaching for 6 years since graduating from West Coast Baptist College. She absolutely loves teaching 4th grade and looks forward to teaching your student. She enjoys spending time with family and friends outdoor! She also has an interest in photography and is looking to further her education this summer.

Kevin Swedberg

Kevin graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL with a BA in Educational Ministries and graduated from University of Wisconsin- Whitewater with a BBA in Management Computer Systems.  Kevin works at Moody Bible Institute as a Business Analyst in ITS. Before moving to Chicago, Kevin and his wife Jeni lived in SE Wisconsin and he worked at Faith Christian School in Williams Bay for 17 years. Secondary Math, Bible, and Technology were the majority of his classes. Kevin loves helping students have those light-bulb moments especially when they feel they will never understand. 

Tammy Perez

Tammy graduated from Azusa Pacific University with her California teaching credential and also from Western Illinois University with a major in Spanish, a minor in French, and significant coursework in Bilingual/Bicultural Education and ESL.  She is a state-certified teacher with nearly 20 years of experience, and some of her certifications include all subjects K-8, Spanish K-12, and ESL K-12. She has worked with students both in-person in the classroom setting as well as online. Having served as a missionary in the inner city of Los Angeles, she has taught elementary, middle, and high school students in a variety of geographical locations from the inner city of Los Angeles to towns in south-central Wisconsin. In addition to helping students reach their full potential academically, Tammy is passionate about helping youth discover their identity in Christ and grow in their relationship with Him. Once children know the Lord and know who they are in the Lord, they can really soar. Tammy’s educational philosophy is that all children are capable of learning, and sometimes that requires content and concepts in different ways until it clicks. She is very patient and breaks down concepts, explaining them in different ways as necessary, until students get it.  She can teach and tutor students using English or Spanish as the language of instruction.  Outside of teaching, Tammy loves spending time with her family, connecting with people, traveling, and interpreting for missions and ministry-related events.  She looks forward to working with your family.

Lindsey Estes

Lindsey completed her Undergraduate Degrees in both Elementary and Special Education from the University of South Alabama. Lindsey also completed additional training certificates in Child Life Therapy and Child Psychology. After graduating Lindsey went on to work in Ohio at a school specializing in providing high-quality education for children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders (ADD and ADHD), and executive dysfunction. After working for several years in America, Lindsey felt a strong calling to serve overseas. She served in numerous capacities as a learning support specialist (special education teacher) and grade 5 teacher, while also serving in school leadership. She has been serving on the curriculum development team and is now a teacher trainer with an organization serving overseas.

Michaela Abbott

Michaela graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a B.A. in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. Since graduation, I have taught science and math at a Christian school, as well as tutored students in those areas. She is currently serving with my husband in full-time ministry working with the youth in my church. 

Megan Holm

Megan graduated from Augsburg College with a degree in Elementary & Pre-Primary Education. She has spent 8 years as a Pre-K teacher in Minnesota, and 3 years as an English and 4th grade teacher overseas. It is her joy to work with younger elementary students and their families, seeing them grow together through interactive, high-quality education. Megan has experience working with children from a wide variety of backgrounds, including children with special needs, and children/young adults learning English as a second or third language. She is currently helping to develop curriculum and train teachers overseas. She loves teaching in hands-on, creative ways, and looks forward to exploring your student’s unique and beautiful gifts!

Angela Nicole Williams

Angela (Teacher Angie) Williams is a graduate of California State University, Fresno with a bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies (secondary education), with a concentration in English Literature. She has over 20 years of overall teaching experience. And, 7 of those 20 years have been as an EFL/ESL instructor. Angela was tasked with the duties of curriculum development, lead teaching, and teacher training at her local church's children's ministry. She loves teaching her own homeschooled children, and other children as well. Many parents are pleased with her ability to encourage students with her use of props and singing for illustration. They also appreciate the way that she scaffolds the lesson. Angela's years of experience have taught her to quickly assess a student's skill level, and provide extensions for comprehension checks accordingly.

Jamie Wyne

Jamie graduated from Southern Illinois University with a B.S. in secondary education, majoring in math and minoring in physics. After wrapping up her undergraduate studies, she went on to complete her master's degree in math. Jamie has taught math at the high school, community college, and university levels. She taught high school math for three years followed by three years of teaching at Southern Illinois University as a lecturer in the math department. She also taught part-time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison after moving to Wisconsin in June of 2020. Jamie is currently enjoying being a stay-at-home mom and is thankful for the opportunity to continue working with students as a tutor. She loves helping students learn new concepts and seeing them make connections between old and new ideas. She looks forward to working with your family!

Alyssa Rau

I graduated in 2010 from International Bible College in Stony Brook on Long Island, NY. I received a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. Since then, I have taught High School English, Middle School English and Bible, and Kindergarten at various Christian schools and have tutored multiple grades and ages. I enjoy teaching and I believe it is what God has called me to do.  

Megan Hoffman

Megan majored in Biology as well as minored in English at Pensacola Christian College. She has a variety of experience in education and is currently teaching at Landmark Christian School. Megan enjoys working with students and helping them understand problems and master even the most complex concepts. She is so blessed and excited for the opportunity to work with your child.

Mary Jackson

 Mary was homeschooled until high school; she attended her local public school, hoping to understand both perspectives better. She started college at Belhaven University, a Christian college in Jackson, Mississippi; she went on to study abroad in Italy before completing her Bachelor’s in Psychology (with a minor in Spanish) at UW-Whitewater in 2017. She has worked with kids in a variety of roles: as a camp counselor at Lake Waubesa Bible Camp, as an after-school art teacher, and as an aunt of 10 nieces and nephews. Mary is passionate about kids, especially the wallflowers and the kids who sit at lunch alone. In her free time, Mary is an avid gardener and animal enthusiast; she plans to introduce her pet frog to students during icebreakers and break times.  

Maddie Price

Maddie is a second grade teacher from Iowa! Maddie graduated from Iowa State University with her bachelors degree in Elementary Education and has her endorsements in reading, English language arts, and social studies. She has worked with children for over a decade with jobs including nannying, children’s ministry, and teaching kindergarten as well as second grade. Maddie has served on two mission trips where she has gotten the chance to share her love for Christ and foster meaningful relationships with people from around the world. Maddie is passionate and ready to share her love for learning through tutoring!

Macy Buresh

Macy is a senior at Cedarville University studying Elementary Education. Over the years, Macy has tutored elementary school students, completed several children's ministry internships, worked as a preschool teacher, and is currently doing her elementary field experience for her undergraduate program. Through serving at Sunday school all throughout middle school and high school, she has gained experience with children of all ages. Macy believes that education provides the opportunity to share her faith and reflect the love of Christ by investing in the lives of students. She loves tutoring because it helps students overcome challenging learning tasks and can positively change the way students view school and learning, as well as build positive relationships with both parents and students. 

Anna Conn

Anna Conn graduated from Emmaus Bible College in 2019 with a double degree in Elementary Education and Biblical Theology.  Anna is a licensed elementary school teacher who has been teaching second grade for the past 4 years. She enjoys helping students learn the basics of reading and the foundations to math. She has worked with a variety of students and has loved all of them. Anna looks forward to meeting your family and helping your child grasp the foundations of their education.

Jessica Swedberg

Jessica studied Elementary Education and Special Education from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. She primarily works with Elementary students, but she has experience tutoring at the middle school level too. Her special education certification covers K-12 students. Jessica is passionate about helping students succeed, and really enjoys watching a concept finally sink in as they learn new concpets.

Daniel Yosef

Daniel is a geography graduate from California State University Long Beach. After graduation, he moved to Washington DC, where he spent some time working and studying at Georgetown University. He has enjoyed teaching English in Guadalajara, Mexico, studying Spanish in Colombia and Argentina, and making two trips to Israel and Jordan. Daniel is fluent in Spanish and enjoys tutoring language arts, writing, and geography. One day, he hopes to live in the Middle East, God willing. Daniel has worked in education in diverse roles, including caring for autistic children, tutoring math and language arts for 4th and 5th graders, and tutoring at a community college department for students with learning disabilities.

Allison George

Allison graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a Bachelor of Science in English Education. She is a certified teacher with four years of experience teaching middle-school English and three years of experience working with a Christian curriculum publisher. In her free time, she loves traveling and exploring with her husband. Allison enjoys building relationships with her students and helping them succeed. She is excited to work with your family!

Lisa Chrysler

Lisa graduated from Bob Jones University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education (K-8).  She has over 16 years of classroom teaching experience in a variety of elementary grade levels.  Not only does Lisa have classroom experience, but she has online tutoring experience as well.  Lisa is currently teaching K4 in a large Christian preschool in Michigan where she is able to teach her students from a Biblical perspective and to show God's love for them on a daily basis.  She resides in Michigan with her husband.  They have 4 adult children and 2 grandchildren.  She is passionate about teaching children and looks forward to working with your child.  

Kristie Valentin

Kristie Valentin lives in rural Illinois. She is a pastor’s wife, a mother of six children (five now grown), and a homeschool parent since 2001. Most of all though, she is a follower of Jesus, and she loves using education as a way to serve Him. She enjoys teaching in a variety of settings. The Lord has allowed her family to start a weekly Bible class for children in their community on Tuesday evenings. She also teaches a bi-weekly English class to migrant workers who live in her community and want to learn conversational English. Having homeschooled her children, she knows the importance of helping students not only to find academic success but also to enjoy learning. When students struggle academically, they sometimes begin to lose their curiosity. It is very fulfilling to help a student overcome that hurdle and rediscover the joy of learning. She looks forward to meeting your students and working together with them to overcome the challenges they may be facing in school!

Harriet Henrici

Harriet Henrici graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor's degree in mathematics, with a minor in education. She began teaching after graduating and taught high school and middle school math for five years before leaving to pursue her master's degree in school counseling. Harriet sings on her worship team at her local church and volunteers with both the Sunday School and Youth Group. She is so excited to help students reach their a-ha moment! 

Jay'Den-Alexis Bromley

Jay’Den-Alexis graduated from Liberty University with an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing, a Bachelor of Science in English and Writing -Journalism, and a Journalism Education certificate. She also has her TESOL, TEFL, TEYL, and TEOL certificates. She is a published author and enjoys writing Christian novels. She also enjoys teaching children with disabilities such as autism. Her humble and patient personality will connect with your child whether focusing on how to read or write. Jay’Den-Alexis would love to help your child grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage them to know: Matthew 19:26, “. . . with God all things are possible.”

Inactive tutors


Julie Schuett

Julie majored in Elementary Education and Bible Theology as well as minoring in ELL (English Language Learner) at Emmaus Bible College. She is Iowa-certified with a K-8 Reading Endorsement. She has had a wide variety of teaching experience such as being an elementary teacher, teacher assistant at a childcare, middle school youth group leader, summer camp counselor from elementary age students to high school students, and being a mom to a toddler. Julie has always strived to help all students find their love of learning through their natural strengths and unique passions they are gifted with. In her free time, she loves being a stay-at-home mom, spending time with her family, and exploring new outdoor places. She looks forward to working with your child to help them be more confident in their academics. 


Heidi Pape

Heidi majored in Elementary Education and received a certification in Special Education at Maranatha Baptist University. She is Wisconsin-State certified k-8 in general education and is certified k-12 in Special Education who has had many valuable educational experiences with students in special education. She has worked with students in the classroom setting, online, and on a personal level. She has had experience with students with special needs including ADHD, OHI, Autism, LD, and ADD. Heidi is passionate about helping children develop their individual abilities to their full potential. She is very patient, hardworking, and encouraging. She strives to engage and involve her students during teaching in a variety of ways. She looks forward to serving and working alongside your family.  


Allie Elling

Allie Elling is a current undergraduate at Pensacola Christian College in the Elementary Education Program. She is classified as a senior that will graduate in Spring of 2023 and she hopes to go on to work towards a master's degree in Educational Leadership after graduation. Before Pensacola Christian College, Allie went to Davidson-Davie Community College and obtained an associate degree in General Education. Her previous experiences with children include 3 years as a counselor in the YMCA afterschool and summer camp program, two summers as an assistant Preschool Teacher, and 5+ years teaching Sunday school and children's classes at her home church in Mocksville NC. Her skills range from homework help to teaching and her hobbies include puppet ministry, playing ukulele and hiking or exploring new waterfalls! Allie has a strong passion and love for teaching. She loves to connect with and help students through one-on-one relationships, and she personalizes and tailors her teachings to meet each student's unique and personal needs. She looks forward to meeting you and your family! 


Emily Davis

Emily is currently a senior at Pensacola Christian College pursuing her B.S. in Secondary Education with a concentration in English and History. She has worked with a variety of students ranging from K-4 to 12th grade helping them in English, math, history, and phonics. She loves watching students grasp a concept and succeed in a difficult subject. She is looking forward to working with you to help your student thrive. 

Aaron Campbell

Aaron is a programmer by training, with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. However, he has a passion for teaching, both in education and in ministry. He currently works as a high school paraprofessional while tutoring with FFT and is active in his local church in Dubuque, Iowa.

Aaron was married in July 2021. He and his wife enjoy cooking new dishes, playing music, and exploring the outdoors together.


Becky Moe

Becky Moe is a graduate of Northern Illinois University where she majored in General Mathematics. She has been a math teacher since 2007 and has taught almost all levels of high school mathematics and some college level mathematics. She currently teaches Mathematics and Physics at Faith Christian School in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Becky is passionate about helping students understand mathematics - not just the how, but the why.  


Hannah Dassow

My name is Hannah and I am a missionary kid from Peru, South America. I am currently studying History education because I love how God has laid out the time and eras. I am minoring in English because my love for literature and how it is affected by the history intrigues me. I also have a love for math and reading. I love helping people and teaching children and cannot wait to get to know any of my students.  


Lindsay Alligood

Lindsay Alligood is currently studying secondary education, specifically History and English at Pensacola Christian College. She is in her junior year there and has completed three years in the education program. On top of being an education major, Lindsay also volunteered at a school in Ghana, West Africa leading Sunday School and kid’s clubs for a month and was a nanny for two years. She has experience working with all ages, from two years old up to high school age. She is very passionate about education and helping children succeed in their studies. 

Makayla Vara

Makayla has loved working with children for many years. Her love for working with kids started with summer camp, and daycare jobs which eventually led to pursuing a degree in teaching. Makayla graduated from New England Baptist College in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She started teaching first grade during her last year of college. After three years of teaching first grade she accepted the role as a third and fourth grade teacher. Makayla’s favorite part of teaching are the “lightbulb moments”, when students have put in the hard work and finally gained understanding of a concept. Her goal is to create a loving and fun environment for students to grow not only academically, but also in a relationship with Christ.

Whitney Rasmussen

Whitney Rasmussen graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She is currently completing a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Clarks Summit University. Whitney has worked with many kids at different grade levels across all subjects and loves to integrate fun with learning to create an environment conducive to enjoyable learning for students! 


Izzy Joransen

Izzy Joransen is a senior at LeTourneau University studying a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry with a minor in Cross-Cultural Studies. After she graduates in May of 2022, her hope is to continue her education by studying Marine Biology. She has experience working with children through volunteering as a camp counselor, as an ESL assistant, and through teaching classes for homeschool families and on mission trips. Though she has not pursued a degree in education, she has taken multiple education courses through her college career and has recently finished her basic TESOL certification course. She wants to teach students in a way that allows them to love learning. Through recognizing that each student is different, her goal is to create an environment that works with each student's learning style. She is passionate about learning and loves helping others gain confidence in the subjects they are studying. She is looking forward to working with you to help your student learn new and hard concepts in a fun and encouraging way! 


Courtney Thompson

Courtney majored in English education at Pensacola Christian College and got her masters in English from Pensacola Christian as well. She has worked with Junior high and high school students as well as college students; her areas of expertise are English and history, as well as working with intermediate/advanced ELL students. Courtney is a passionate teacher who strives to help her students understand their subjects. She looks forward to working with and getting to know your family.  

Sarah Pacuch

Sarah is a graduate of Pensacola Christian College in Bible Exposition with a minor in English. Bible and English are her greatest subject passions, believing the two go hand-in-hand because God revealed Himself to man through a written book. With that, she also has a knowledge of apologetics (creation science) and elementary Biblical Greek and Hebrew. She is in process of gaining TESOL/TEFL certification. In addition, God has given her a heart for Russian-speaking people, and she is four years into learning the language. She has mainly been working with adolescents--7th grade to young adults beyond 12th grade. She would love to take your older student under her wing and show them how language and the natural world direct them closer to God.

Andre Lyon

André grew up in El Paso, TX, and Thibodaux, LA. He became a believer in Jesus Christ in his mid-thirties, in May 2018, and in early 2020 he sensed the Lord calling him to switch careers from filmmaking to education. As a first step, he worked for two years as an ACT and SAT test-preparation tutor for Applerouth Tutoring Services in Atlanta. He currently lives near Athens, GA, and specializes in tutoring for the ACT with his own custom curriculum, but he can also help students with English grammar, reading comprehension, essay composition, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus. He deeply enjoys encouraging middle and high school students on their educational journeys, trying to inspire them to use what they’re learning to love their neighbors for the sake of the gospel and the glory of God. He also particularly enjoys helping students who struggle with testing anxiety.

Paul Bourlet

Paul graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Media Entrepreneurship. During college, Paul volunteered regularly in an ESL classroom, and is currently working as an assistant teacher for North Cobb High School. Paul loves working with students to help them understand problems and concepts that can sometimes seem impossible. He hopes that he can inspire your children in developing their love of learning.

Hannah Cole

Hannah Cole received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Delaware and is currently pursuing a Master’s in School Psychology. She has experience working with students with special needs in both private and public schools. Hannah enjoys working with students of all ages, and is dedicated to creating a supportive and encouraging environment to set students up for success. She is so blessed and excited for the opportunity to work with your child.

Maren Blumhardt

Maren is a Colorado native who graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. For the past ten years she has worked in healthcare and finance, before joining Family Focused Tutors and obtaining her substitute teaching certification. Maren has always loved children and the light they bring to the world, and has a passion for helping them determine their true capabilities. Her approach involves a combination of hard work and consistency sprinkled with fun, and remembering we do it all for the glory of God. Along with teaching, Maren can often be found reading, trying a new recipe, and enjoying time outside with her husband, son, and two miniature dachshunds – Martha and Ralph.