1. What grade levels do you tutor?

We tutor any ages from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Please reach out if you have a need outside of these areas and we will see if we can accommodate you!

2. Can the tutors help with my child's homework assignments?

Yes! Our tutors provide help in many ways which benefit your child's learning, such as homework help, test prep, or concept-driven activities.

3. How much does it cost?

We try hard to make our tutoring affordable. There are no hidden or recurring fees other than the cost of each session. You can schedule a consultation to find out pricing for your specific needs. Most sessions will start at $30, but the price is subject to adjustment based on the work required for the tutor.

4. Can you work with my child's school curriculum?

We recommend collaborating tutoring and school learning to optimize your child's understanding of the concepts he is already learning.

5. Will online tutoring be as effective as in person?

Yes! Zoom has features that allow the student and teacher to be face to face through video, interact through whiteboard tools, and talk in real time.

6. Will it be a hassle to access Zoom?

Students will just need to log in to Zoom and follow the same link provided through email for each session. Everything else will be taken care of by the tutor!

7. Do parents need to be present for the sessions?

We encourage parents to confirm the students are logged in at the beginning of each session, and then students will be able to work independently with the tutor.

Have more questions? Schedule a consultation or email us at familyfocusedtutors@gmail.com